The Gastronomic Tableware Solution

MB Vajilla- Manufactures since 1996, provides a solution to the gastronomic world, our goal is to be a safe and strategic bet when equipping your business.

  • Unbreakable tableware that does not require replacement, free of breakage.
  • Thermal, keeping food at an optimum temperature.
  • Lightweight with a porcelain-like texture that remains unalterable over time.
Fábrica de Vajilla para Restaurantes
Platos para la gastronomía

Versatility and Multiple Uses

We offer a wide catalog of more than 600 products with innovative
style: Plates, Tables, Bowls, Dips, Platters, Pizzerias,
Grills, Griddles, Griddles, Sauces, Melted Cheese Pan, Salad Bowls,
Cups, adjusted to your gastronomic needs.


We supply to:

✓ Restaurants
✓ Hotels
✓ Bars
✓ Breweries
✓ Steakhouses
✓ Pizzerias
✓ Event Halls
✓ Catering Services.
Only wholesale sales to the whole country and abroad.

Fábrica de Vajilla para Gastronómicos

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